Thursday, January 9, 2014

I should have written you a song a long time ago

I got to meet Marc Ellerby over the holidays!!!  We've been "friends" online for over 5 years, but I was weirdly nervous to meet him in person.  We had okonomiyaki and beers, and he's great!  He drew this in my sketchbook and I've been petting it ever since.  Buy all his books. :DDD

And here's a parable my friend Janet told me on Christmas.  I really like it:
Great news -- my first book, Between Gears, has been nominated for an Oregon Book Award!!  I'm honored and amazed to be in the company of the other Graphic Literature Award nominees:
Barry Deutsch of Portland, Hereville: How Mirtka Met a Meteorite (Amulet Books)
Steve Duin and Shannon Wheeler of Portland, Oil and Water (Fantagraphics Books)
Natalie Nourigat of Portland, Between Gears (Image Comics)
Joe Sacco of Portland, Journalism (Metropolitan Books)
Craig Thompson of Portland, Habibi (Pantheon)
 Too bad I can't be there for the actual ceremonies, though! :-/ I would have really enjoyed that.

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