Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Long-distance beer delivery!

This is a part of a much longer comic about fear and travel, comic soon!  FYI, the service I used to find the carpool was Blablacar, and I recommend it.

I went to a huge book festival in southern Paris last weekend called Salon du Livre.  The closest thing I've experienced in the US is the American Library Association conference.  It was a really nice, open, polished show with tons of book diversity.  I'm not buying books because books don't move easily, but I loved browsing and just seeing such a robust convention dedicated to books!
 In other news, I storyboarded a short story to add to my portfolio (you can read it here), and it was chosen for a Daily Deviation on Deviant Art!  Exciting!  The only other time that's happened for me was my Monsters & Dames drawing in 2010.
Glory of glories, my incredible boyfriend acquired a bottle of Oregon's own Black Butte Porter!!!


  1. I really like the wifi signal coming out of the I in "internet" at the bottom of the first comic.

  2. Oh man, Deschutes Brewery stuff is great. I have a lot of regional pride about it.

    1. It is truly AMAZE. Are you from Central Oregon?

    2. I've been living in Central Oregon for the last thirteen years or so, yeah. I like it a lot.

    3. Nice. I have family in Bend and visit once or twice in the year. It's beautiful!

  3. hi,

    when in Paris, may I suggest two things to do :
    1. go a few nights at the Caveau de la Huchette, a jazz venue with a unique ambiance. it's rue de la Huchette, metro saint-Michel, with various live bands every night, some of them very good such as Marc Thomas swing and sax, Megaswing, etc.

    2. and go to a few lindy hop bals (at La Bellevilloise, 21 rue Boyer for instance).

    enjoy your trrip

  4. Ahh...the rich maltiness of Deschutes signature brew. Good choice, incredible boyfriend!

  5. Ahhh Deschutes is so good. The BBP is my go-to drink, with Oakshire espresso stout a close second (Gotta support the Eugene breweries). Anyway, excellent comic. The full trip comic is what brought me to your blog, and as I've got a ticket to Germany for my first time abroad happening at the end of may it's great to see someone else having a good time of it and knowing that the fears that I have had and had elaborated to me (Even though I'm sure I hear less of it being a man, it still gets tiring).

    Excellent blog, I'm sure I'll get a lot out of it going through the old posts. Never stop, your art is amazing!