Monday, July 7, 2014

Send a postcard to a student via Atlantic Impact

Hello, readers!
A lot of you have written me asking if you can send me post (thank you!).  I wanted to ask you a favor: since I am moving around a lot, could you send a postcard to Atlantic Impact instead?  They are based in Detroit Michigan, and they distribute postcards to students in low-achieving schools to expose them to new places and ideas and help broaden their horizons.  You don't have to be in Tuscany or Tokyo to send a postcard--your home city/state might be novel to one of their students, and receiving a piece of personal mail from you could mean a lot to that young person.
I just sent off an envelope with postcards I've been collecting from France and Spain.  It was fun writing factoids on the back and describing what I found the most interesting about each place.  I plan to continue sending them from the US when I return this summer.  I hope you will consider writing to Atlantic Impact, too!


  1. This is a fantastic initiative, can't wait to get scribbling! Alternatively, here's a link for sending post cards to elderly folks who need a little pick-me up.