Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eyeliner Animation Loop

Eyeliner Loop from Natalie Nourigat on Vimeo.

Hey, all!  How is everyone's December going?

I'm doing well -- between working on commercial projects, I've been having a ball making this animation for the December LoopdeLoop challenge.  Since coming back to the US this summer, I've been pushing myself to learn new software and expand my skill-set, particularly in animation and multimedia.  I've been adding a lot of new work to my portfolio and seeking 2D art positions in animation and game design studios. 

Jumping in with practical applications always seems to work best for me, so I'm grateful for challenges like LoopdeLoop and #onegameamonth that encourage people to learn by doing, and keep things fun.  I've also started attending local ASIFA events, and been thrilled by the fun activities and welcoming atmosphere there. :)

That said, I've got a good amount of comics work lined up for the new year, and I am excited to get into that.  I'll make some announcements soon that I hope will excite you! :D

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