Sunday, February 2, 2014

24 Hour Comic

I participated in les 24 heures de la BD (24 hour comic day) last Tuesday-Wednesday at the maison des auteurs in Angouleme!  What an honor.  The idea is to marathon-draw for 24 straight hours and finish a 24-page comic on a surprise theme.  Artists from all over the world participate, and upload their creations to share.
Here's a 5-part video report on this year's event at the Angouleme location:
(Wow, that is my Level Eleven Stressface)

This year's surprise twist rule was especially difficult.  Every artist had to base their comic images off of 90 recent photos from Boulet's Instagram account. (You can see the photos in order here)

+Boulet rose to the challenge and finished another amazing 24 hour comic.

+Ken Niimura (artist of I Kill Giants, which is one of the best books ever) did something clever - he used the photos as a graytone in his panels, and improvised a story around what they suggested.

Some other comics that I liked:
+Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and Vincent Giard
+Berquin Gregoire
+Ferrand Julie
+Giulia Jones
+Javi de Castro
+Jerome Jouvray
+Loren Bes
+Pare-Sorel Julien
+Secheresse Loic

+I....took a loose approach.  I used all of the photos for my panels (in order!), but I tried to force them to conform to the story I was coming up with, and sometimes I resorted to some real stretches for "using the photo".  We were told we could use an element for the photo, or just the composition...but often I used dialogue in my panels to make PUNS about the photos, tell me whether or not that's within the rules.  I was also told I could add panels, which I sometimes needed to do between photos.  I must have been stress-blacking-out while Matt Madden announced in English that the cover and back cover needed to be based on the photos as well, because I didn't realize that until I saw the video reportage two days later, haha.  I'm not proud of this comic itself, but I am SO proud I completed 24 hour comic day!  And it was reeeeally fun.  I would absolutely do it again, especially at a big event like the one put on by the maison des auteurs.

MEANWHILE IN THE USA: February 1 was Hourly Comic Day, which is different in that you draw one short comic every hour you're awake about what you did in the past hour.  Highlights for me included the crossover comics of soon-to-be-weds Madeleine Flores and J. Smith.  Also these ridiculously polished comics from Diana Huh.


  1. I can't believe you actually said you're not proud of the comic itself, it's absurd in all its epic glory and I love it! :D

    1. Hey, thank you! I'm really glad you like it :-)

    2. By the way, I've got so hooked by your art in the last weeks that I've just bought your "Between Gears" comic :D I can't wait to have it here!

    3. Oh wow, that's a huge compliment, thank you!! :D I hope you enjoy the book!

  2. You know iam gona read the whole blog, even if my english suck a bit ^^, i really like you're style. Hate de voir la suite :)