Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bulles de Neige 2014

Last weekend I was a guest at Bulles de Neige, a BD festival in the ski town of Valberg.  It was my first signing ("dédicace") in France, and one of the best times of my life!
ONE OF THESE FESTIVALS IS REAL.  Make your best guess and then click here.

I went to the festival thanks to Bannister (of car poster fame), and met a bunch of other amazing artists there, including but certainly not limited to: Frédéric Besson, Sophie Chaussade, Régis Donsimoni, Vincent Mallié, and Nicolas Poupon.

I took a train from Paris to Lyon, flew to Nice, and then took a shuttle bus 90 minutes up into the mountains to Valberg.  I spent the weekend eating French and Italian comfort foods (vin chaud, chocolat chaud, raclette...), skiing, and signing books for festival attendees.  I'm told this is not your average French festival, but I couldn't help thinking every 5 minutes or so, 'OMG French artists are so LUCKY!!'  If you EVER get the chance to do this show, take it!!! :D
 (The Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport has a slide!)
This is what winter looks like on the French Riviera.

I was so impressed with the festival's organization, from transportation to food to book shipping (thanks to BD Fugue!).  When I arrived, I received a packet with all of the information I might need, including contact info for the festival organizer and book sellers, some swag, and my ski pass.
 I saw the festival advertised everywhere -- even on the lift poles on the mountain!
All of the restaurants had festival advertisements, often as place-mats on the tables.
View out the hotel window!
Unharmed by the slopes!
I'm so grateful for this experience!


  1. Haha, how did you know about the course landaise ? That's such a regional thing. I only know about it because I have family in that region.

    1. I was searching around for regional oddities online :P Have you ever seen course landaise in person?

    2. Yes! I find the jumpers more spectacular, but the local connoisseurs give more cheers to the side-steppers (écarteurs).

      They take lot of precautions to avoid accidents. There are usually balls at the end of the horns of the cows, and also a rope to pull it away if it gets too aggressive.

  2. Génial !! :D Tu as finalement pu essayer le ski en France !!! (ça a l'air dingue comme festival !! O_o veux y aller !!)
    * pour Saint Malo, on mange tout le temps du poisson ET des crêpes ! ^^

    1. OUAIS! J'ai adoré le ski en France! Il doit aller à ce festival. :D
      Ahhh, c'est vrai, les crêpes... Penses-tu que c'est la spécialité plus connu?