Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The couch surfing cleaning curse

Thoughtful, normal house-guest cleaning?  From my mom.  Insistent housecleaning, to the point that I wait until my host leaves to do it sneakily?  Ghibli movies.

Two of my super comics bros are doing EU conventions at the same time.  Depending on which is closer to you, you should go and see one of them. :)

Nicolas Hitori De (Spell Checkers) -- A Toi De Jouer, 15-16 March, Amiens FRANCE
Wook Jin Clark (MEGAGOGO) -- London Super Comic Convention, 15-16 March, London UK


  1. You are totally welcome to couchsurf at my house any time you want!

  2. Dude I used to clean when I was wwoofing in France-its so much more satisfying to clean someone else's stuff than your own!

  3. I am currently couch surfing and make sure to clean the place everyday. Also helps to buy alot of beer ! lol

  4. i will install more couches... please send people who watch these movies. i live in Philadelphia, lots to see and do here

  5. This is 100% right. It's a way to ease your stay with them, and particularly if you're staying more than one night.