Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Ack!

When I arrived in France, "REAL" hot chocolate was high up on my list of must-try foods.  I was expecting molten chocolate, like in that scene from Chocolat, and several French blogs I followed swore that hot chocolate in France was completely different (read: better).  But every time I ordered chocolat chaud in a restaurant, I'd see the chef reach for instant powder mix and my heart would sink.  Everything I had in France was a watery disappointment.  We had a restaurant in Portland called Cacao that served better hot chocolate. :-/

But then, Angelina.  So chocolate.  Such thick.  Wow.  It was almost too much.  I didn't finish mine -- I think one order is enough for two people to split.  (There's some straight-up foodporn footage here if you want to see the hot chocolate in action.)


  1. Je comprends ta déception pour le chocolat dans la plupart des restaurants et cafés. En fait le chocolat chaud n'est pas particulièrement une boisson "française" je pense... Beaucoup de gens n'en boivent pas, et même au petit déjeuner, les gens consomment autant d'autres choses : café, thé, céréales...etc...
    Le chocolat n'a clairement pas le même engouement que le café, qui lui est vraiment la boisson chaude française je pense (et on voit d'ailleurs de plus en plus de boutique spécialisée dans la dégustation de cafés).
    Il faut tester les brasseries/bar et tu peux tomber sur des très bons chocolats, mais c'est à pile ou face (this is totaly random).

    Thank you for the advise about the Angelina chocolate, i never heard of this address. And sorry for the french, i been lazy typing in english :))

    1. Ooh, "des boutiques spécialisées dans la dégustation de cafés"...? Ça me dit, aussi! :)

  2. There are some cafés in the 6ème arrondissement which have some pretty decent hot chocolate. Same tag price though.

  3. if you want good chocolate, you need to go to Belgium >)