Thursday, March 6, 2014


I'm in Amsterdam this weekend! It's my first visit to The Netherlands and I'm planning to make a short comic about the trip.  Here's a sneak peak at a page I'm coloring:
I love the canals and architecture!
In other news:

Paris: I got to see Davy Mourier's new show, Petite D√©pression Entre Amis, last Friday.  It runs every Friday between now and March 28 at la Nouvelle Seine, one of the boats docked on the river just next to Notre Dame (and mere meters from the setting of this Ratatouille scene)!  I am NOT fluent in French, so the comically fast segments and most of the referential jokes went over my head, but I was still laughing a lot and highly recommend the show!
Sunday was the first Sunday of the month, which meant that a lot of Paris museums offered free admission.  I took the opportunity to visit Musee Rodin for the first time.  It's going through a major reconstruction, but I'll go back again in the summer to see the gardens in their full splendor.
The weather was nice and mild this week -- I started running again again!

Portland: I have art in this Periscope art show opening Thursday at Sequential Art Gallery in Portland!

Amurica: my friend Terri Nelson just sent me the news that train company Amtrak is beginning an experimental "writer residency" free-ride program.  I think this could be really cool, and I hope they'll accept some cartoonists on board to help facilitate some US travel comics! :D


  1. While you're there, don't forget to visit Lambiek, the first comic book store in Europe (or so they claim)

  2. "I'm faster than you! I wear BUMBLEFLEX!"

  3. Davy Mourier is the first "blogueur BD" I came across and thereby the first cartoonist who introduced me to the glorious world of webcomics. Glad to see he's still writing/performing!