Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to make long-distance relationships work

I try to keep things pretty highbrow around here. 
This comic features the lovely and talented Erika Moen and Ananth Panagariya!  Read all of their stuff if you haven't already; it is stellar. :3

Issue #3 of Tally Marks (my Eurotrip sketchbook series) comes out on October 1, and you can pre-order it now!  This issue covers Christmas and New Years in London, plus my trip to Picardy.  Coats and fur hats abound.  Here are a few previews:
I tabled at Rose City Comic Con this past weekend in Portland, and it was great!  In my head it was all a big post-Europe welcome-back party for me so I could see everyone and catch up all at once. :) I sold out of Husbands and a bunch of my prints, and got down to my last copies of Between Gears and A Boy & A Girl.  I am trying to minimize my boxes for my next move, and I may be selling off my remaining books in the near future with incentives like free watercolor sketches inside or free prints.  Stay tuned for that.


  1. Hi Tally! I've just been linked here and, after flicking through a few pages, realised that in my year abroad in Switzerland next year I'm going to be also trying to do some sort of consistent comic/animations. I can only hope to post as lovely (and hopefully, regularly) as you. Are most of your comics now in print form and now here, or are they posted elsewhere? Asking because I have the urge to go through all of them in one big session haha
    Annie x

    1. Hi Annie, thank you!!
      Sweet, have an amazing time in Switzerland next year! Will you be in Geneva? I hope you will post about your experiences. :D

      I have a list of all of my projects on my portfolio site here: There are a lot of printed books and things available on Comixology, plus a few things available on the web.
      If you like autobiography, may I suggest my past webcomic Between Gears?