Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NYC: Maybe don't try to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2 hours

...And then there was a Renoir room.  We were late.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is incredible.  Lesson learned: next time I'll take at least half a day to see everything I want to and not sprint to a lunch meeting.

So no, I'm not back in NYC this week; this is a retrospective comic from my trip in July (featuring @passingfair!).  I have a BUNCH of comic ideas from the past year that I'll be going back to complete retroactively -- look forward to those! :D

What have I been up to since coming back to Portland at the end of July? 
  • I scanned and edited alllllllll of my Europe sketchbooks for publication - issues 1 and 2 are out now!!  More coming soon.
  • I had an art show to promote Sarah Mirk's new book, which I drew illustrations for
  • I did a few solid weeks of commercial storyboarding/illustration work (much needed and appreciated!)
  • I resumed work on a project with a friend and posted this little teaser for it:

  • I was a guest at Boise Library Comic Con (which was a BLAST!)
  • I took a short vacation to Central Oregon with some comics friends
  • I helped out on Abigail Baird and Matthew Melis's "Aerial Animation" project (featured on America's Got Talent!)
  • I met with my publisher about my next graphic novel
  • I ate a LOT of Mexican food
  • I did my taxes X_X
  • I've been appreciating family/friends time after a year away.  Lots of movies/dinners/coffee/drinks
  • I've been continuing to sketch, trading Parisians for Portlanders:
...and plenty of things from my imagination :)
I'll post again ASAP with more!  Thanks for reading :D

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